Dessau, Germany – March 14/15, 2024 – Industry leaders and stakeholders gathered in Dessau, Germany, for a workshop focused on adapting the Seville Process to the requirements of the recently amended European Union Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). The two-day event, held on March 14th and 15th, brought together roughly 230 participants, with 90 attending in person and 140 joining virtually.

The Seville Process is a key mechanism for exchanging information on best available techniques (BAT) among EU member states for the industrial minerals sector. With the implementation of IED 2.0, the rules guiding the Seville process necessitate an update to ensure continued alignment with the directive’s new requirements.

The Dessau workshop served as a platform for initial discussions and collective brainstorming on this crucial update. Participants delved into the specific changes brought about by IED 2.0 and explored their implications for the Seville Process. The discussions aimed to pave the way for a more comprehensive review process in the future.

The Industrial Minerals Association – Europe (IMA-Europe) played a significant role in organizing the workshop. They highlighted the importance of this collaborative effort, stating that “considering the changes brought by IED 2.0, the rules guiding the Sevilla process require an update.”

Key workshop take-aways:
1: After many years and 33 BREF’s derived to date, is time to be effective in data collection and data processing
2: It is critical for the high quality of the Best Available Techniques (BAT), that multiple stakeholders (Member States; Industry; Commission, NGO’s) are involved to set BAT’s for different sectors.
3: The role of Sevilla Bureau is critical to guard and ensure the outcome of technically sound BAT.

The successful workshop signifies a positive step towards ensuring the Seville Process remains an effective tool for achieving the environmental objectives outlined in the amended Industrial Emissions Directive. The collaborative approach adopted in Dessau paves the way for continued dialogue and progress in this critical area.

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