The industrial mineral sector engages in several sustainability actions such as early engagement with the communities, sustainable extraction and processing of minerals, biodiversity management during and at the end of operations and close cooperation with local communities and authorities.

Why is it important?

Sustainable sourcing and processing of minerals have been embedded in various EU legislations. In July 2021, the EU Principles for Sustainable Raw Materials was published, building upon current EU legislation and international initiatives in the field and seeking to align European Green Deal goals to the development and processing of raw materials in Europe. Their scope includes social, economic and governance, and environmental principles. The regulation addresses the need to extract and develop raw materials to constitute an essential building block for sustainable European value chains and apply sound environmental management practices.

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Our views

To move the sector forward sustainably, IMA-Europe’s members work actively towards continuous improvement in economic, environmental and social performance. They have laid down their commitments in the IMA-Europe Sustainable development Charter, formalising the sector’s values and operating principles. IMA-Europe’s work programme has prioritised health and safetyenvironmental protection, and innovation issues in the last decades.


  • The European Commission has created a dedicated website that includes all the necessary information to understand the Sustainable Development Goals.