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Press Release - Unions and employers call for a strong social dialogue and cohesive policies in the forthcoming Critical Raw Materials Act

The social partners (employers and workers) of the extractive industries call for widening the scope of the upcoming Critical Raw Material Act from critical to essential raw materials and renaming it to the “EU Raw Materials Act” (EU RMA) to reflect the wider scope.


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IMA-Europe position on the IED Revision

📢 IMA-Europe, on the one hand, supports the IED revision’s focus on innovation and emerging techniques. On the other hand, the changes proposed in the use of emission ranges and the lack of transparency on the Transformation Plans will undermine the predictable regulatory framework necessary for fostering investments in R&D. In addition, the proposed scope enlargement jeopardizes turning the IED into a broad but inefficient policy, seeking pollutants reductions from sectors such as minerals extraction with already minimal emissions to air and water.

Industrial Minerals Association – Europe

IMA-Europe is an umbrella organisation which brings together a number of European associations specific to individual minerals as Calcium Carbonates (GCC/PCC), Dolomite, Andalusite, Betonite, Borates, Diatomite, Feldspar, Kaolin, Lime, Mica, Plastic Clays, Sepiolite, Silica, Talc, Vermiculite.

Together, IMA-Europe’s associations represent over 500 companies in 28 countries.


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NEPSI is the first European multi-sectoral social dialogue agreement of its kind and covers the safety of more than two million employees from 19 industry sectors. The project is still going strong after 15 years, and its signatories are committed to implementing measures to manage respirable crystalline silica safely and to ensure full compliance with the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive and all local regulations. Read more

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European Minerals Days

Every two years, European Minerals Day allows the European public to explore the world of minerals. It is a pan-European awareness initiative by the European minerals sector and related organisations. The European Commission has recognised European Minerals Day as a communication channel that supports the European Raw Materials Initiative, the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, as well as the EU Biodiversity Strategy. Read more

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Do It Yourself Safely Without Dust

Occasional DIY activities are unlikely to expose people to significant dust levels for a sufficient period of time to have an adverse health effect. However, reducing dust as much as possible during DIY works is a sensible precaution. We hope that this very concise guidance drawn up by raw materials producers will help DIY stores better inform their customers. Read more

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FineFuture is an EU funded project that is creating new scientific knowledge to enable the development of groundbreaking technologies to exploit fine particle fractions. Read more

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Making the Seville Process fit for the amended Industrial Emissions Directive

19 March 2024

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