All mineral companies have innovation in their DNA. Maintaining existing applications while developing and delivering new solutions in response to societal challenges are solid drivers for innovation across the sector. The functionalities and properties of minerals make them very versatile materials essential to many industries and crucial for Europe’s economy

Why is it important?

The innovations pillars of the mineral industry are primarily on circular economy solutions and enhancing the impacts for resource optimisation; secondly on the avoidance/valorisation of process emissions; and thirdly, contributing to the greening of the energy mix used during operations. Most innovation pathways are undertaken on a company level or within the value chain stakeholders.

Industrial minerals are crucial for developing modern environmentally friendly technologies such as electric cars, photovoltaic solar cells and wind turbines, to mention just a few.

Our views

Under the H2020 and Horizon Europe, multiple funding opportunities that address societal challenges have matured and are now available to industry stakeholders. IMA-Europe’s role is to inform members of funding opportunities and enhance cross-sectoral innovation.

IMA-Europe is a proud member of Processes4Planet which covers innovation across ten sectors. IMA-Europe’s secretariat is actively involved in multiple EU projects addressing cross-sectoral innovation in various areas, such as access to land and permitting, circular economy, and symbiosis.