250 member companies
685 mines and quarries
750 processing plants


IMA-Europe is the decisive EU voice of industrial minerals producers and importers.

Our mission is to develop a thriving industrial minerals sector at the heart of a sustainable Europe.

IMA-Europe helps industrial mineral companies continuously improve their performance and reputation by tackling issues related to minerals’ properties and safe use, from their extraction and processing to their entire value chain.

Health and safety at the workplace, environmental performances, product safety and awareness about the importance of industrial minerals for society are at the core of IMA-Europe’s priorities.


IMA-Europe aspires to become a referential industry association by representing the industrial mineral sector through excellent science-and facts-based communications with the Authorities and the wider Value Chain while also aiming to be a critical node of the global industrial minerals network.



IMA-Europe’s positions and advocacy actions are science-based, consistent and supported by facts and figures.


The Association is goal-oriented and committed to using resources wisely by applying high-quality standards and respecting deadlines.

Fair and non-discriminatory

All company members are treated fairly and non-discriminatory way regardless of their size or geographical location.

Committed to well-being

IMA-Europe stimulates the safe and sustainable production and use of industrial minerals to improve the quality of life of all citizens in Europe and the environment.

Dr Roger Doome

Dr Roger Doome

Director General
+32 2 210 44 20