Industrial minerals, mined in a responsible and sustainable way, are immensely valuable natural resources. They are beneficial to mankind in many ways, not least in the world of medicine.

Speciality minerals such as:

  • Bentonite – keeping stored medicines dry.
  • Borates – allowing smart-targeting of cancer cells.
  • Calcium Carbonate – an essential ingredient in pharmaceuticals.
  • Diatomite – filtering and purifying pharmaceutical products.
  • Feldspar – repairing bones via bioceramic implants.
  • Kaolin – providing key components in pacemakers.
  • Lime – a pelletising additive and acidity regulator.
  • Plastic Clays – supplying formers to manufacturer surgical gloves.
  • Silica – making optical glass for microscopes.
  • Talc – strengthening pharmaceutical packaging.

So whenever you’re thinking about your healthcare, you will understand why we at the Industrial Minerals Association (IMA-Europe) are actively promoting these beneficial minerals which help to protect the health of our families – today and for generations to come.

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