Investing in Europe’s Future Competitiveness through Collaborative Research, Development, and Innovation

Brussels, Belgium – July 4, 2024European Associations Unite in Call for Ambitious FP10 Funding

IMA-Europe, together with other 110 European associations representing key stakeholders in research and development (RD&I) have come together in a joint statement urging the EU to significantly increase funding for the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP10).

The statement, titled “Joint Statement for an Ambitious FP10: Investing in Europe’s Future Competitiveness through Collaborative Research, Development, and Innovation,” highlights the crucial role RD&I plays in Europe’s global competitiveness. It emphasises the need for a substantial budget increase for FP10 to address Europe’s lagging position compared to other major economies.

“The global technology race is accelerating, yet the EU falls short in RD&I investments, particularly private investments,” the statement reads. “This shortfall hinders Europe’s ability to capitalise on its full scientific and technological potential.”

The statement calls for a multi-pronged approach to strengthen Europe’s RD&I landscape. Firstly, it emphasizes the importance of pan-European collaborative research. By encouraging research efforts that involve multiple European countries working together, the EU can pool resources, expertise, and talent to tackle complex challenges.

Secondly, the statement highlights the need to bridge the gap between public and private players in RD&I activities. Stronger cooperation would ensure a smoother transition of scientific discoveries into marketable products, fostering innovation and economic growth.

Finally, the statement underscores the importance of attracting and retaining more private investments in European RD&I. By creating a more attractive environment for private investors, the EU can leverage additional resources to fuel research efforts.

The collective voice of these European associations sends a clear message to the EU institutions. A more ambitious FP10 with increased funding, a focus on collaboration, and a commitment to public-private partnerships are seen as critical for Europe to maintain its technological leadership and compete effectively in the globalised world.

Read and download the Joint Statement here.

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