Learn more about the industrial mineral sector and the many activities and projects that IMA-Europe engaged in this past year.

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Here is a little intro…

Without industrial minerals, modern life would not be possible. Minerals form the cornerstone of many products and industries: paint, electronics, metal casting, paper, plastics, glass, ceramics, detergents, cosmetics and construction materials, to name just a few. They are used as raw materials and as processing aids, and are increasingly important in environmental engineering.

The European industrial mineral industry makes a vital contribution to the European economy, providing jobs and resources at the start of the industrial supply chain. And unlike other mining sectors, our industry and its markets are largely self-sufficient in terms of resources and do not rely on imports.

One of IMA-Europe’s missions is to promote the sustainable production and use of industrial minerals on behalf of our members. In doing so, we work with a range of stakeholders to identify how industrial minerals can best respond to societal expectations and meet policy challenges.

This report provides a brief overview of our sector and the wide range of initiatives we have coordinated or taken part in during 2019. Through projects such as NEPSI, Safe Silica, the Dust Monitoring Programme and Zero Injury Target we have continued to develop tools and gather data that is improving workers’ health and safety. At the same time, taking an active part in initiatives such as FineFuture, MinLand and MIREU demonstrate our commitment to the circular economy and responsible land use. This year we also celebrated the seventh edition of European Minerals Day, a project that provides an opportunity for our industry to inform, educate and enthuse European citizens about the importance of the minerals sector.

Looking forward, IMA-Europe is committed to building on these initiatives and delivering real impact for our members, the wider European industrial value chain, and European society as a whole.

Dr Roger Doome

Director General

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