The European Bentonite Association (EUBA) is the trade association representing the producers of absorbent clay products, including clay-based pet litter. As the makers of pet care materials, we take any concern that our products might be harmful to pets or their owners seriously.

Our members have interviewed veterinarians, pet store owners and cat owners and produced new studies to investigate if there are health problems that could be directly attributed to the use of clay-based pet litter. The numerous consultations, interviews and studies conducted over the past decades have demonstrated no link between the use of clay-based pet litter with the sickness or death of any animal.

As clay-based pet litter producers regularly receive enquiries concerning the safety of the pet litter, a sectorial response is hereby provided to the most frequently asked questions.

Please download the attached document, and do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to have more information on the matter.

Disclaimer: the document considers the properties of the pet litter as placed on the market and does not consider health issues that may be caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites possibly present in the animal’s excretions.

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