27 Jun 2022 - 29 Jun 2022

Grenoble, FRANCE

Organised by the European Commission and the Council’s French Presidency.

The European Industry is currently facing a growing number of challenges and the status quo is not acceptable as a sustainable solution. The two main trends of Green and Digital transformation are a strategic call for action for all individual companies, but more and more also between them.

Europe needs to react and provide sufficient guidance on the European scale to maintain the competitiveness of European industry and to highlight and promote the successful transformation, which could be further replicated across all industries and company sizes. Therefore, innovation on various levels is no anymore voluntary, it is an obligation for us all.

IndTech2022 is a means towards improving the visibility of industrial technologies, identifying policy options and priorities, sharing information and comparison of points of view, as well as space for networking and finding common goals among industry stakeholders.

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